NEW FOR SPRING 2017 - 2 ELEMENTS ON 40M - LIGHTWEIGHT WITH HIGHLY EFFICIENT LOADING COILS (see below) - Lower weight than a 20m 3 element monobander and only 6.5m per half element - making it only a few feet wider than a full size 20m Yagi. More info - click here

IN DEVELOPMENT - the above antenna but also with 3 elements on 20m and 3 elements on 17m. As the band conditions decline, 40/20 and 17m are becoming more popular. This antenna is a monobander on 3 bands. We hope to have further details during the summer so stay tuned!!

Vortex Antennas specialise in bespoke antenna design and systems for extreme environments. We work with various professional and government agencies and are frequently asked to design and build systems that others can't supply. For all our customers (both commercial and amateur), our modeling service is totally free. So; if you're looking for a system that's just a bit specialised - then you've arrived at the right place.

"Vortex Antenna Systems - built for the discerning customer where compromise is not an option"

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