Welcome to 'Vortex Antenna Systems' - premier UK antenna manufacturer and the home of the 'Delta Loop and Q64/Q82 Verticals'. Vortex continue to supply both amateur and commercial operators with their antenna requirements. As band conditions decline, why not treat yourself to a brand new Vortex 20M3 Delta Loop.

On paper, gain and front to back figures are not that different, but on-the-air and in a real-world scenario, the Delta Loop will out-pace a Yagi. Element for element, Deltas out perform Yagis - just ask our users. The 5 element Delta is in a league of its own.

With superb real-world on air peformance, we have a brand new antenna ready to ship to give you an extremely potent signal on 20 meters - see the link below in the red box, or browse the site for a new Vortex system of your choice.

Vortex Antennas specialise in bespoke antenna design and systems for extreme environments. We work with various professional and government agencies and are frequently asked to design and build systems that others can't supply. For all our customers (both commercial and amateur), our modeling service is totally free. So; if you're looking for a system that's just a bit specialised - then you've arrived at the right place.

"Vortex Antenna Systems - built for the discerning customer where compromise is not an option"

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