A Happy New Year 2015 and welcome to Vortex Antenna Systems.
The home of the brand new 'Quasar Q82 and Q64' high performance verticals
News....coming this Spring - a new 40/80m vertical from Vortex
Vortex 40/20m Linear Loaded Yagi - now installed at G3XFA (link here)

Vortex 2 Element Lightweight Delta Takes Hurricane Strength Winds With Ease
During the winter period here in the UK and Ireland, some areas have experienced some very severe weather and storms and in particular hurricane strength winds. One of our users in Ireland said that the Vortex 2 Element lightweight Delta Loop (10m version) survived a 109mph wind battering. This is testiment to our build quality. We pride ourselves in the use of premium quality hardware and components. One review said the 'Build quality was reminiscent of Aircraft Quality Engineering and that the Antenna would most likely outlast the Operator'.

These are the building blocks of antennas that you can be proud of. All of our systems are hand-built with care, passion and pride using Vortex bespoke 6082-T6 and AA6082-T6 aluminium element stock and initially honed using EZNEC modelling software. All systems are then individually ‘Dry Assembled’ and analysed using a VNA and measurements taken from multiple field strength points.

We don’t use off the shelf general purpose alloys such as 6063 and 6060 as some manufacturers do. This stock is not good for building a premium systems and flexes too easily. They are NOT classed as construction grade alloys. Our bespoke AA6082-T6 stock is about 15% stronger than the US 6061-T6 Aircraft quality stock. When it’s about build quality - look no further than VORTEX – no one else comes close.

The main Vortex line-up now includes Yagis, Delta Loops, Dipoles and Linear Loaded Systems with variants including Wideband and OWA Arrays, together with a new range of verticals including our new 'QUASAR 64'.

Our mainstay is the 'Heavy Duty' series, but some higher frequency models are also available as 'Lightweight' or even 'Superlightweight' versions which are ideal for portable or field day use but are also robust enough for a permanent home installation.

We specialise in designing bespoke systems for individual requirements including systems to MIL Specification or for use in extreme environments. Vortex are also suppliers to HM Government.

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Independant tests in the UK and Sweden put the Vortex Quasar Q64 ahead of the competiton in both build quality and performance.

● .64 Wavelength - Full length radiator for maximum gain
● No matching or loading coils
● Matching with bespoke Vortex 'Q-Sections' using special individually tuned high power coax transformers
● Vortex build quality - 6082-T6 and AA6082-T6 construction grade stock (15% stronger than US Aircraft Quality stock) with full stainless fittings
● DC Grounded - Less static build up, lower noise and also additional lightning protection
● 'QRO - High Power Rating' using professional RF connectors by Amphenol RF/Rosenberger
● 4 AWG Solid Copper Feed Wire - will handle 10kw
● Very Low Angle of Radiation - ideal for DX and long ground wave
● Vertical element support brace made from Stauff Clamps, M10 stainless hardware and 10mm aluminium bar - conservatively rated at 100mph.

Monoband for 6, 10, 11, 12 or 15m

"Antenna review by David Ogg (M0OGY) - the Vortex Quasar 64 is pitched against the Sirio Gain-Master and other high performance verticals"

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