Here’s a few links to some of our colleagues and friends in the industry


CB & Amateur Radio Repairs

Our good friend Nick Parker (M0NKL/M6NAR/2E0POS) has been repairing legacy equipment since the mid 80’s. He specializes in some of the ‘Old Skool’ repairs particularly some of the older analogue CB sets and also repairs RF and Audio amplifiers. You can see from the image that Nick also enjoys delving into some of the older HAM sets (Seen here with a legacy Yaesu FT101E). Nick has been running an original Vortex Q82 for quite a few years and has very high regard for it, saying that the Quasar Q82 performs exactly 2-S-Points better in receive and transmit than the Sirio Vector 4000 and will survive for a lot longer. See his comments HERE.
Check out Nick’s site here… CB and Amateur Repairs


Amplifiers from Bruce Gary Engineering

They say “Life is too short for QRP” and our friend Bruce Gary is testament to that! Bruce is a US builder of bespoke amplifiers capable of up to 20kw (and more!).
These commercial grade units are something rather special. In the enclosed image we see a test unit producing around 8kv on the plate with around 3 amps current draw – that’s a lot of power which was delivering around 18kw output. Bruce tells us that he produces various bespoke amplifiers for both commercial and amateur use up to 20kw and more.
Drop us a line to for further details and click on the image (left) for a closer view.
Click HERE to view the superb build quality.


VHF/UHF/SHF Antennas by G4CQM – Derek Hilleard, founder of PowaBeam Antennas

At Vortex we don’t specialise in higher frequency antennas but we can certainly recommend a man that knows the VHF,UHF and SHF bands inside and out. Derek Hilleard G4CQM has been designing higher frequency antennas for many years and was the founder of ‘PowaBeam Antennas’. Derek is a real font of knowledge in this area. Forget about those who claim to have reinvented the wheel. Take a browse through Derek’s site and grab some real useful information about how to design and build your own first class VHF or UHF antenna. Derek shows you the pitfalls to avoid and how to successfully match and tune your antenna. There’s also heeps of useful data and files to download to get you going. You don’t need to look anywhere else!