10 Element (Lightweight) – 2m OWL Yagi

10 Element (Lightweight) - 2m OWL Yagi

A 10 Element Lightweight OWL Yagi Antenna for the 2m (144MHz) band


Product Code – 2M10TORLIGHT_OWL

We don’t manufacture too many VHF antennas, but the ones we do are certainly top performers and built the Vortex way.
Although lightweight, this antenna is really robust.

The Vortex 2M10 OWL (Optimised Wideband Low Impedance) Yagi is an excellent long boom (5.85m) lightweight but super sturdy 2m Yagi. The main features are a stunning 15.17dbi gain and a 26.37db front to back ratio at 144.300MHz. Coupled with these excellent figures, the bandwidth is extremely wide with a 1.5 to 1 SWR band edge of over 4MHz. The SWR is pretty well flat from 144.000 to 145.300MHz and its super quiet off the back and sides making it a great SSB/CW/EME antenna.

The heart of the antenna is a folded dipole driven element which has a ‘trombone style’ loop adjustment at the ends which makes setting up and tuning a real easy affair. The antennas natural impedance is 50 ohms which makes for a direct 50 ohm coax feed so not impedance matching is required.

All other parasitic elements are made from 9.52 mm solid aluminium rod which means there’s no sag or movement in the elements even in high winds. Each element is pre-cut at the factory and is ready to install from the word go. The buyer does not have to sit and fiddle with any of the lengths. Just clamp up each element using the two ‘Stauff’ clamps and stainless hardware and away you go.

When modelling the antenna, you can see from the image that we have also taken into account the mounting plates as at VHF accuracy is the key. Each element is clamped to the boom using small but sturdy 6.35mm aluminium plates. Each plate is held by 2 x M8 stainless steel square section U-Bolts.

The driven element is slightly different and is held to the boom using two of the same plates in a back-to-back arrangement and four group 2 Stauff clamps hold the 12.7mm element inner tubes.

The boom comes in three sections of 1.25 inch x 10 gauge (3.2mm wall) 6082-T6 aluminum square section. We split the boom into three sections which makes transportation a simple affair and each boom section is sleeved with a solid section of aluminium bar.

In design tests the antenna wind rating is over 200mhp (320kph) so it would withstand the worst storms the planet could throw at it.

As with all Yagis, we would highly recommend the fitting of a simple 1 to 1 choke balun at the feed point to remove any common mode currents and to prevent the antenna pattern being distorted.

The antenna comes complete with a stainless steel mounting kit which consists of 2 saddle clamps, M10 U-Bolts and a flat aluminium plate which fit a 50.8mm (2 inch) stub pole/mast.
We can either supply the antenna with 2 x stainless threaded M4 pins at the feed point or an N-Type female connector. Just let us know.

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  10 Element OWL Yagi Antenna (Lightweight) – 2m

Band(s):  2m (144-146Mhz)
Element Material:  6082-T6 9.52mm solid aluminium rod (except driver)
Element Material – Driver:  12.7mm aluminium tube/8mm trombone end sections
Boom Material:  6082-T6 box section aluminium
Boom Length:  5.85m
Gain:   15.17dbi
Front to Back Ratio:   Better than 25db typical
Feed:   M4 Stainless Pins on Driven Element or N-Type (female)
Matching:   None – direct 50 ohm coax feed
Rating:   3kw
Element Clamps:   Stauff (Germany) – standard duty polypropylene series (Green)
Antenna Weight:   9kg
Hardware:   304/316 stainless steel