2 Element Delta Loop (Lightweight) – 11m



2 Element Delta Loop (Lightweight) - 11m

A 2 Element Lightweight Delta Loop Antenna for the 11m band

£290.00 — £320.00

Product Code – 11M2WWLIGHT

A 2 element Delta Loop Antenna for the 11m band from our Lightweight’ range.
Manufactured from lightweight but extremely strong construction grade 6082-T6 Aluminium stock, this antenna is an excellent balance between weight and strength. Antenna is supplied with all hardware except boom to mast mount (see below).

All VORTEX Antennas can be shipped WITHOUT any boom to mast mounting plates. Select this option from the dropdown menu when purchasing. Other options include the choice of mounting plates and complete mounting solutions with U-Bolts and Brackets.

Antenna shown – Vortex 2 Element 11m Lightweight Delta Loop at 26DX015’s Trevor’s QTH.

Vortex – Engineered for Optimum Performance as a World-Class DX Antenna as Used by Premier DX-Pedition 223DX/1 – Western Samoa

Hear Matt 223DX/1 working on a modified Vortex 2 Element Lightweight Delta working EU from Western Samoa (OC), shortpath from the South Pacific over the North Pole to EU 30/10/2011. No power – just 100w on 11m band. Solid 5/3 – 5/7 for over 2 hours. Antenna engineered and optimised by Steve – G0UIH at Vortex Antenna Systems for Trevor (26DX015) and Matt (26DX021/223DX/1) for the 223 Western Samoa (OC) activation. – or click to play (Live download may take a while :).

To download this file, right mouse here and select ‘SAVE TARGET AS’ (Large file 17mb)

Quotes from Users…
“Loop was ‘2 S Units Up’ on the 2 Ele Yagi and my first contact was 5/9+5 both ways into Brazil with only 80 watts.”
– Trevor 26DX015 (England, UK)

“Hi Steve – Antenna very well made and works very well. At 4 foot bove the ground I was working the USA and Russia at 5/5 when setting the antenna up. Now antenna is only 5m above ground as my QTH is not ideal, I was working 5/9 to the USA and Brazil with only 50w.. thank you Steve for a great antenna – 73 Roy 26LC046 – Lincoln UK

“Beautifully made with superb fittings. Could not be bettered unless gold-plated. Appreciated the silicone paste which is expensive and hard to come by locally. Also the packet of spares. NO OTHER manufacturer offers these two items”
– G Potter (Perth, Western Australia)

“I used it for 26AT/000 & managed to work N & S America with some great signals. The materials used are very high quality & strong, the use of square box section for the boom makes a much stronger job than the usual round tube. All of the hardware is of a good quality & supplying the alu – slip is a nice touch for use on the nut’s & bolts etc. The supplied instructions are very informative & the photo’s are also very useful.”
– Colin 26AT035 (England, UK)

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  2 Element Delta Loop (Lightweight) – 11m

Band(s):  11m (27Mhz)
Element Material:  6082-T6/*AA6082-T6
Boom Material:  6082-T6 box section aluminium
Boom Length:  1.95m
Gain:   7.35dbi
Front to Back Ratio:   Better than 20db
Feed:   Coax via SO239 socket
Matching:   Vortex Gamma Match (PTFE dialectric)
Rating:   3.5kw
Element Clamps:   Stauff (Germany) – standard duty polyamide series
Loop Top Wire:   4mm PVC coated ‘Flexweave’
Antenna Weight:   7kg
Hardware:   304/316 stainless steel

*If available