4 Element Yagi (SuperLite) – 11m

4 Element Yagi (SuperLite) - 11m

A 4 Element Super Lightweight Yagi Antenna for the 11m (27MHz) band

£325.00 — £355.00

Product Code – 11M4TORSUPERLITE

A 4 element Yagi Antenna for the 11m band from the Vortex ‘SuperLite’ range. Based on the very popular 3 element, this enhanced 4 element version is also manufactured from lightweight but extremely strong construction grade 6082-T6 Aluminium stock, this antenna is an excellent solution for portable or field day activities and can be erected by one person. Design has been centered to give maximum performance for the least weight and physical size. During initial testing the antenna had a 2 to 1 bandwidth of nearly 1.7Mhz with the test version covering 26.350 Mhz to 28.100 Mhz. Compare this to an equivalent Sirio SY4 which has a poor bandwidth of only around 500 khz at best, plus of course the Vortex construction is leaps ahead of the SY4. Antenna is supplied with all hardware except boom to mast mount (see below).

We have recently included some new images from Brian 68DT228 showing his new 4 element and the inclusion of a nicely engineered ‘Pawsey Stub’ as a 1 to 1  Fully Symetrical Balun. Brian has used a section of aluminium bar a 1/4 wavelength long at 272cms (no correction for velocity factor is required as it’s not coax) fed from the driven element (coax center) and attached directly to the boom. Brian commented that the present 2 to 1 bandwidth is 2Mhz from 26.300 to 28.300 MHz with resonance around 27.555 MHz.

TO NOTE: This antenna is available as either a 4.1m boom length antenna, or a 5m boom length. The pricing is the same as all our boom sections come in 5m lengths from the mill. Hence there’s no price difference. Just let us know which version you want from the drop down menus. Performance wise, the 5m boom version punches in at over 9dbi forward gain.


All VORTEX Antennas can be shipped WITHOUT any boom to mast mounting plates. Select this option from the drop-down menu when purchasing. Other options include the choice of mounting plates and complete mounting solutions with U-Bolts and Brackets.

*When available

This is what one buyers said about the 10m 3 element version of this antenna..
“Fantastic quality product, hand made and delivered on schedule. Recommended. A1+” – Iain MM0TFU

Trevor (26DX015) installed this 4 element Yagi and comments:
“Steve – 4 Element is up and running. SWR is flat and resonant @ 27500 MHz with QRN level lower than the 3 element. I used the plan and dimensions you gave me and didn’t adjust a thing – it was spot on. Antenna is on the new mast which is where I had problems with the QRN levels as I suffered from really bad Broadband noise. The Vortex 4 element has excellent rejection which helps me work an otherwise really noisy band and of course the
Vortex build quality reputation is now internationally recognised – No one else comes even close!! – Top Bloke – keep it up!!

Brian (68DT228) installed this 4 element Yagi and comments:
“Hi Steve, update on antenna performance now that propagation is rolling in. Most reports from the USA are 5/9+ and lots of interest in the antenna system that I’m using. Pacific contacts now seem easy mostly on first call and regular pile ups from both US and Canada. I am delighted with my purchase and am spreading the word! With the heavy winds we got before Xmas (gusts to 80mph) the antenna took it with ease and it was at 60 feet lol. I now leave it fully up with no worries. Pawsey stub and RF choke seem to be working as planned .Cheers to all for 2013 and thanks once again for a great product. 73 Brian 68DT228.

Ivan (68EK) comments:
” Steve, antenna up and running full day project with xyl will write a full review in coming days.
All I can say Steve 11 out of 10 in all aspects materials – it reminds me of very expensive military antennas.
Performance of antenna fantastic – rejection very good and swr flat across band. 

Andy (26CT1876) comments:
“Hi Andy here, just to say thank for the beam – it’s working great. I’ve had great contact in Brazil, Argentina and the USA with no background noise. Loving how well it works and SWR is very low – a great antenna. Cheers from 26CT1876

Review – 11m 4 Element Yagi by Mark 26AT020
“The antenna arrived in good time and well packaged, all of the materials used are of high quality and all fixings are stainless steel. The instructions are easy to follow and Steve was always on hand to respond to technical questions in a timely manner. The SWR was 1.2 : 1 across the band with no issues. I would definitely recommend Vortex Antennas for all of your HF antenna projects – Mark 26AT020

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  4 Element Yagi Antenna (Super Lightweight) – 11m

Band(s):  11m (27Mhz)
Element Material:  6082-T6/*AA6082-T6
Boom Material:  6082-T6 box section aluminium
Boom Length:  4.1m (or 5m) – your choice – same price
Gain:   8.44dBi (or 9.05dbi for 5m boom version)
Front to Back Ratio:   Better than 20db typical (27db at 27.555Mhz)
Feed:   Coax via SO239 socket
Matching:   Vortex Hairpin Match
Rating:   5kw
Bandwidth:   26.350Mhz to 28.100Mhz (2 to 1 limits)
Element Clamps:   Stauff (Germany) – standard duty polyamide series
Antenna Weight:   8.5kg (9kg for 5m boom version)
Longest Element Length:   5.68m
Hardware:   304/316 stainless steel

*If available