5 Element OWA Yagi (Optimised Wideband Antenna) Superlight Shortboom Version – 10m



5 Element OWA Yagi (Optimised Wideband Antenna) Superlight Shortboom Version - 10m

A 5 Element Lightweight OWA - 'Optimised Wideband Antenna' Yagi for 10m

£400.00 — £430.00


A 5 element Yagi Antenna based on the ‘OWA’ Optimised Wideband Antenna design. For a number of years experimenters and designers (and in particular the wise words from W4RNL) have re-modelled a Yagi which give a very flat response over its operating bandwidth. The OWA design requires one additional director element to achieve the 50 Ohm feed point impedance compared to beams with feed point impedances in the 25 Ohm range. By placing this director closer towards the driven element, a flat low SWR curve is achieved at an impedance of around 50 ohms. We use two PVC spacers which keep the driven element and the first director at a constant optimum spacing even during windy conditions thus preventing impedance swings. This design suits those wishing a large operating bandwidth and wider-bands such as 10, 11 and 6m are well suited to this design. This particular antenna has been designed with the following key changes. The buyer wanted good performance, good front to back, a really lightweight system that a small rotator could handle and good bandwidth over a shorter than standard boom-length. Following some optimisation of current Vortex OWA systems, we came up with a design that fitted the bill in all areas.

  • Good Gain:  9.36dbi
  • Good Front to Back Ratio:  Over 20db
  • Shorter than Normal Boom:  5.4m (Compared to 6.1m)
  • Super Lightweight: Only 9.0kg using 6082-T6 stock
  • Great Bandwidth: Full band at below 2 to 1 limits
  • QRO Rating – No Matching Device Required: 5kw

The OWA system requires no matching device and can be connected directly to 50 ohm coax. We would however recommend including a 1 to 1 Current Balun at the feed point to prevent radiation of common-mode currents back down the feeder.

Like other antennas in the ‘Tornado’ range, this OWA is manufactured from lightweight but extremely strong construction grade 6082-T6 Aluminium stock. Normally we would not extend the boom sections more than 4.1m using the 30mm x 2mm box section, however in this case we also include 2 x M8 316 A4 Stainless Steel Eye Bolts which are located at the boom ends. Premium Mastrant Synthetic Guying Line is also included, as is various stainless hardware to employ a small support mechanism which reduces boom sag. It is important to use the included support hardware, as without it the boom will suffer from sag even with the very lightweight (but strong) elements. The antenna is supplied with all hardware except boom to mast mount (see below).

All VORTEX Antennas can be shipped WITHOUT any boom to mast mounting plates. Select this option from the drop-down menu when purchasing. Other options include the choice of mounting plates and complete mounting solutions with U-Bolts and Brackets.

The 11m version is shown here is purely for illustration purposes to give a guide on construction and size.

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  5 Element OWA Yagi Antenna (Lightweight) – 10m

Band(s):  10m (28 and 29Mhz)
Element Material:  6082-T6/*AA6082-T6
Boom Material:  6082-T6 box section aluminium
Boom Length:  5.40m
Gain:   From 9.36dBi typical
Front to Back Ratio:   Better than 20db typical
Feed:   Coax via SO239 socket
Matching:   None – direct feed. Elements spaced for 50 ohms match
Rating:   5kw
Element Clamps:   Stauff (Germany) – standard duty polyamide series
Antenna Weight:   9kg
Longest Element Length:   5.40m
Hardware:   304/316 stainless steel

*If available