88-108Mhz 7 Element Log Periodic – (Band II) LPA Commercial Antenna



88-108Mhz 7 Element Log Periodic - (Band II) LPA Commercial Antenna

A 7 Element LPA (Log Periodic Array) for the 88 to 108Mhz Commercial FM Band

£400.00 — £435.00

Product Code – 88108LOGFM
A 7 element LPA (Log Periodic Array) for the 88 to 108Mhz (Band II) Commercial FM band. The antenna exhibits a excellent gain figure of between 9 and 10dbi across the whole band and a front to back between 20.0 and 36db. During testing (With the antenna at only 4 feet above ground on a test pole) an S7 signal from ‘Chiltern Radio’ at over 50 miles away on 97.6Mhz went from S7 forward facing to S1-2 on the rear suggesting around 30db rejection.

The antenna is manufactured from Vortex commercial grade 6082-T6 aluminium, including our premium grade element tubes together with full stainless fittings and Stauff hardware. A bespoke phasing line is used to obtain an optimum impedance value across the whole bandwidth. When fed with 50 ohm coax (via the supplied 75 ohm transformer), the array exhibits a nice SWR curve ranging from 1.4 to 1 at 88Mhz, 1.1 to 1 at 95Mhz, to 1.3 at 99Mhz then dropping again to 1.1 at 108MHz.

When running the EZNEC simulation, the array will actually still perform quite well up to around 140Mhz (albeit with reduced gain) but it is a usable antenna with an SWR of under 1.7 to 1. During testing we also found that the SWR plot was 1.4 to 1 or lower from 88-108MHz. At 97/8Mhz the forward gain is approaching 10dbi.

This is an ideal antenna for enthusiasts interested in ‘FM Dxing’. Whilst manufactured primarily as a receive antenna, the use of premium Vortex hardware will enable the unit to be used in ‘TX’ (license permitting) up 1kw power levels.

Antenna is supplied with all hardware except boom to mast mount (see below).

All VORTEX Antennas can be shipped WITHOUT any boom to mast mounting plates. Select this option from the drop-down menu when purchasing. Other options include the choice of mounting plates and complete mounting solutions with U-Bolts and Brackets.

See info below for mechanical and electrical details
*When available

This is what one of our buyers said about this antenna:
Steve – I’ve been into radio for over 50 years and in that time had many many aerials, but when I received the Vortex LPA FM antenna I was really taken back by the build quality (Just Amazing), it’s not just an aerial – it’s an engineering masterpiece. I may be old in my ideas but I think the better you make an aerial the better it will perform, and this Vortex proves my point. I’ve been using a Triax 8 element at 40 feet, not a bad antenna – DX all over Europe and many hard to receive community FM stations in UK. The day I fitted the Vortex on the wind up mast it was very windy and in lowering it unbeknown to me at the time, I had bent the last section of the mast, so when the LPA was fitted the max height was 25 feet, so the results are at 25 feet being compared to 40 feet with the Triax 8. The very first thing was the gain was up 1 S point and that is right across the band 87.5 to 108MHz. The other amazing thing was the dynamics of music had increased and by not a small amount in fact on a BBC live broadcast the sound quality is the best I’ve ever heard on FM radio ever – it was simply stunning. DXing with this antenna is a dream. I’ve only had it a week and logged 1 new station and this with the antenna at only 25 feet. My receivers are = Revox B760, Revox B261, Sansui TU9900, Onkyo T9900. If you’re looking for the best FM aerial ever made you have now found it – AND IT’S MADE IN THE UK. Mike Wallis – Nottinghamshire,UK

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  7 Element Log Periodic Antenna (Lightweight) – 88-108MHz

Band(s):  Band II (88-108MHz)
Element Material:  6082-T6/*AA6082-T6
Boom Material:  6082-T6 box section aluminium
Boom Length:  3.01m
Gain:   Over 9.5 dbi for 15Mhz bandwidth. Just under 10dbi at band center
Front to Back Ratio:   Typical 25 db, max 35.83db at 92.35Mhz
Feed:   Via stainless M5 machine screws
Matching:   Direct Connection with 75 ohm transformer (Supplied)
Rating:   For RX only but will handle 1kw in a licensed TX situation
Element Clamps:   Stauff (Germany) – standard duty polyamide series
Antenna Weight:   8.5kg
Impedance:   50/75 ohms
Longest Element Length:   1.70m
Hardware:   304/316 stainless steel

*If available