Dipole Antenna (Loaded Heavy Duty) – 40m

Dipole Antenna (Loaded Heavy Duty) - 40m

A Single Element Heavy Duty Loaded Dipole Antenna for the 40m (7MHz) band


Product Code – 40M1TORHEAVY

A coil loaded dipole antenna for the 40m band from the Vortex Antenna Systems ‘Heavy Duty’ range. Manufactured from extremely strong construction grade 6082-T6 Aluminium stock with a heavy duty boom and a wide-spaced High-Q loading coil. The ‘Heavy Duty’ range includes HD Element Brackets and Heavy Duty Polyamide Element Clamps, these come complete with Stainless Steel Hardware. Antenna is supplied with all related hardware including the boom to mast mount.

As the higher bands start to decline with reduced sunspot activity, the lower bands (particularly 40m) are becoming extremely popular. Vortex now offer a reduced size 40m dipole with two very high-efficiency loading coils. A full size 40m dipole spreads well over 20 meters in wing span and for many locations this size is prohibitive. Using a large diameter high-Q loading coil on each of the dipole legs, we have produced an antenna that is only 12 meters long (only just longer than a 20m dipole) – just 6m for each leg. Performance is only slightly below that of a full size dipole (1.81dbi compared to 2.12dbi).

We use our own bespoke loading coil which is over 15cms in diameter and compromises of 6.35mm aluminium tubing with around 27mm spacing between the coil loops. The loop is additionally secured using 2xNylon 6 10mm spacers which keeps it extremely rigid with virtually no flexing. The metallic fittings of the spacer are PTFE sleeved giving the coils a very high power rating and this additional ‘Belt n’ Braces approach to insulating reduces the risk of any RF flash-over.
As the dipole has a slightly natural lower radiation resistance (around 30 ohms), this will match well with a hairpin assembly which we include.

We ship the antenna with a support brace of Mastrant synthetic guying material which reduces element sag at the element ends

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  1 Element Dipole Antenna (Heavy Duty) – 40m

Band(s):  40m (7.0MHz)
Element Material:  6082-T6/*AA6082-T6, six sections with 38.1mm/10G inner support.
Boom Material:  6082-T6 box section aluminium
Boom Length:  1m
Gain:   1.81dBi (0dbd)
Front to Back Ratio:   n/a
Feed:   Coax via SO239 socket
Matching:   Hairpin match (included)
Bandwidth:   250Khz at 2.5:1 or better
Element support:   Mastrant 3mm synthetic guys and stainless supports
Rating:   5kw
Element Clamps:   Stauff (Germany) – Group 5 heavy duty polyamide series
Antenna Weight:   15kg
Longest Element Length:   12m
Hardware:   304/316 stainless steel

*If available