Hairpin Match Kit for 2.5 inch Square Section Boom



Hairpin Match Kit for 2.5 inch Square Section Boom

Hairpin Matching Device for Yagi Antennas (2.5 inch Square Section Boom)

£35.00 — £40.00

Product Code – HPMATCH63.5SQ

A Hairpin Matching System for YAGI Antennas

The VORTEX Antenna Systems Hairpin Matching System is a balanced matching system that is simple to install and adjust. This type of match is typically found on YAGI antennas where the driven element is split in the center. YAGI Antennas are typically balanced antennas and are best served with a balanced matching system.

The hairpin match, being a ‘Balanced’ matching system, suits the YAGI very well. It is also easier to tune than other systems like the ‘Gamma’ match. Most YAGI antennas have a feed point impedance lower than 50 ohms. This matching device has enough capacity to match the natural 50 ohm impedance point, thus giving a good match and low SWR when the antenna is fed with 50 ohm coax.

Kit includes 2 x 7.93mm diameter aluminium matching rods, horizontal bar, 63.5mm square section Stainless Steel M12 U-Bolt and all Stainless Steel hardware. From the drop-down menu choose the driven element tube size so we can supply you the correct size element ‘P’ clamps. Our current range of ‘P’ clamps fits tube diameters of either 12, 16, 20, 25 or 30mm.

If coax is used for the feed-line, a 1:1 ‘Balun’ is normally required. The correct use with a ‘Hairpin Match’ assembly is a 1:1 current balun. Suggested Vortex Antenna System baluns are available here Vortex Baluns . The balun output connectors should be selected as ‘M6 Hex Head Bolts’

‘P’ Clamp Information
The kit is supplied with ‘P’ Clamps that are smaller than the tube size to ensure a good tight fit and electrical contact.

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  Hairpin Match Kit for 2.5 inch Square Section Boom

Rod Material:  7.93mm Aluminium Rod
Shorting Strap:  25.4mm x 1/8th Aluminium Bar x 19 cms long
Hardware:  M5 Stainless Steel Allen Head Bolts including Stainless Steel nuts and washers.
U-Bolt:  304 A2 Stainless Steel M12 Square Section to fit 50.8mm (2.0 inch) Boom
Saddle Clamp:   Genuine Vortex 304 A2 Grade Stainless Steel
U-Bolt Hardware:   M12 Stainless Steel ‘Nyloc’ nuts and stainless washers
Rod Length:   100 cms