‘Moxon Claw’ Antenna 2 Element 5 Band Delta Loop 14/18/21/24/28MHz
Heavy Duty – Hardware Kit

'Moxon Claw' Antenna 2 Element 5 Band Delta Loop 14/18/21/24/28MHz
Heavy Duty - Hardware Kit

Moxon 'Claw' A 2 element 5 Delta Loop Hardware Kit from our ‘Heavy Duty’ range.

£390.00 — £430.00

The ‘Moxon Claw’ SDL Antenna System – 5 bands 14/18/21/24 and 28Mhz by Les Moxon G6XN
and continued research by Phil Harman VK6APH.

Forward by Phil Harman VK6APH:
“In the second edition of his ground-breaking book ‘HF Antennas for all Locations’ the late Les Moxon, G6XN, describes a highly innovative and compact beam antenna which he called the ‘Claw’, owing to its shape. The Claw covers the 14/18/21/24 and 28MHz bands using two remotely-tuned loop elements.

G6XN’s design is based on right-angled delta loops, which he termed small delta loops or ‘SDLs’ because they have a perimeter of substantially less than a wavelength on the Claw’s lowest band – 14MHz –.

Whilst G6XN is perhaps best remembered for his two-element beam known as the ‘Moxon Rectangle’, in my opinion the Claw is his finest antenna design, providing gain and front-to-rear rejection that is equal to or better than full-sized conventional two-element antennas on 14, 18MHz and 21 MHz and superior to those antennas on 24 and 28MHz.

Variants of the Claw have been in use at VK6APH for about 15 years and been tested against a variety of antennas, including a commercial full-sized three-element 14MHz yagi and a three-element 14/18/21/24/28MHz yagi with motorised elements of my own design. In terms of performance, reliability and flexibility, the Claw has won hands-down”.

In the late 1990s, VK6APH worked with G6XN on some aspects of the Claw development that are not covered in his book. In 1996 Phil had various articles published on the ‘Claw’ including one in the March and April 1996 edition of Radio Communication Magazine (VK). More recently an updated article (also in 2 parts) was published in the RSGB’s ‘RADCOM‘ publication of October 2012 and November 2012.

Phil had enquired with us if it was possible for Vortex to supply components for the Claw.

Whilst we can supply the ‘Hardware’ items as listed below, the electronic components and matching networks will require the end user to source or construct.

Our thanks go to Phil VK6APH. Claw Antenna PDF © RSGB ‘RADCOM’ Magazine 2012

  Vortex Moxon Claw (Hardware Kit Only)

• Boom Section 50.8mm x 50.8mm 6082-T6 box section x 1.5m
• 2 x Boom End Caps
• 2 x End Brackets – Laser Drilled to Mount Elements, cross drilled with m8 stainless threaded bar to prevent flex
• 8 Heavy Duty ‘Stauff’ Clamps 4030PA to fit the brackets and full stainless hardware
• Vortex 6082-T6 or AA6082-T6 construction grade aluminium tubing, 5 sections in each vertical leg (30, 25, 20, 16 and 12mm) telescoping to make 17 feet in height (x4 of)
• Tubes will have M5 x 40mm stainless socket screws to mount a feeder wire (x4) at the base of each
• Top Wires – 19 feet Flexweave (x2) – Each Loop Pre-Cut  for resonance at 19.440MHz
• Support guying – Mastrant 10 foot synthetic top guys to prevent elements spreading more than 10 feet separation.
• Full Stainless fittings with guying items.
• Stainless square section U-Bolts and Stainless Saddles/Fittings
• Price – £350.00 for ‘Bare Antenna’ without mast mounting plate/kit, or £400 with full mounting kit (8mm aluminium plate and stainless U-Bolts and Saddles)
• Shipping – Not included, but we can ship worldwide.