Vortex Quasar Q82 10/11m Vertical Antenna – ‘When Compromise is NOT an Option!

Vortex Quasar Q82 10/11m Vertical Antenna - 'When Compromise is NOT an Option!

Vortex Quasar Q82 10/11m High Performance Vertical Antenna

£320.00 — £375.00

By popular demand, Vortex proudly present our new vertical antenna produced from 2014. Based loosely around the original ‘Avanti Sigma 4’ design of the 1970’s – but brought right up to date with the Vortex build quality that you can be proud of. The ‘Q82′ has been designed as a ‘No-Compromise’ antenna for the discerning operator – offering the very best in performance and build quality.

Each antenna is individually hand-built and tested. The antenna may be operated on either the 10 or 11m band. Operators who used both bands can set the resonance around the 27.750Mhz area and the antenna will cover 26.965MHz to 28.500Mhz with an SWR of 1.8 to 1 or lower. The 2 to 1 SWR bandwidth is approx 1800 khz for 11m and 1900 khz for 10m. This is an increase of over 30% on the Sirio Vector 4000.

Already, the new Vortex Quasar Q82 is making a big impression on the band.

One of our new buyers, Larry 2ST004 in Florida, USA has this to say...

Finally got to build the Q-82. I have been in radio since 1970. Let’s just say I have built a few antennas in my time. I have never seen one on better quality! The antenna is on a 8 foot test pole . Worked many South Americans. It will go up next weekend on a 15 meter tower. Thanks Larry. I think it will take the Florida weather.”

Larry had a further update in May 2017

Steve took a little work but the Q-82 is mounted at 15 meters about 1 meter above my 7 element horizontal yagi. The SWR is great centered at around 27.555MHz. Antenna goes down to 26.680 and up to 28.400 with 1.5.1 SWR or better. It has been able to work on SSB between 80 to 120 miles. Most people think I am on a beam. I am extremely happy with your product. best regards – Larry.

Steve, 108AC17 was our first user in Scotland.

“Hi Steve, just to let you know the Quaser Q82 antenna is working excellent. Groundwave is stronger and long dx is great as well. Worked 43 and 44 division today. Basically – if I can hear it, I can work it. This antenna is as good as it gets for a vertical. Thanks for all your effort and making this antenna its a keeper and always puts a smile on my face.
Best regards 108AC17 – Steve in Scotland (PS now working 43 division at 9 +10db)

Nick Parker (M6NAR/2E0POS) had the first Q82

“Hi Steve, just a quick update.  I have now had chance to compare both the Vortex Quasar Q82 and the Sirio Vector 4000 at the same time.  The Quasar 82 outperformed the Sirio vector on receive by 2 S-Points constantly.  Going from QSO To QSO it was the same result.  From the consumers point of view you may ask Why?  The simple answer is The Quasar 82 build quality is in a totally different league plus the revised optimal dimensions make for a no compromise antenna.  Its a bit like buying a Ford and expecting the performance to be the same as a  Ferrari.  Vortex antennas are in a totally different league. No contest.  I was able to speak into Rio De Janerio in South America on the Vortex Quasar 82 on 100 watts  5/7   switching to the Sirio Vector 4000 the guy couldnt hear me.  Tuning was very simple.  I have a flat 1.0 SWR on 28.475 and the antenna offers a decent band-width and will comfortably cover both the 10 and 11 meter bands. You need patience adjusting the top element to fine tune the SWR. I did fine tune the Gamma match as well one millimetre at a time. The spares bag is a brilliant idea which I did use.  This antenna will Probably outperform any vertical ever made. It will probably also outlast the operator.  10/10


Nick Parker (2E0POS) put the Vortex Quasar Q82 Well ahead of Sirio’s Vector 4000.
Steve – I have done some further  tests with the Quasar on UK 40 FM,  The Quasar performs exactly 2-S-Points better in receive and transmit than the Sirio Vector 4000. On 10m I am also noticing at night I am able to continue talking into S. America and N. America with relative ease. I think you will agree 2 -S-Points is a lot to be gained going from the Vector to the Quasar Q82,  I am very impressed.


Nick Parker (2E0POS) continues with the Q82 evaluation and finds that running the Q82 is becoming a bit embarassing (But for all the right reasons).
Hi Steve,
Well the Quasar 82 is still working superbly, On Sunday 21-12-2014  I worked 8P6GU  In  Barbados. He gave me a 5/9 and I spoke to him for ages.  I have never before worked the small island of Barbados before let alone heard anyone from there. Other contacts included St. Helena Island again of the coast of Africa, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, USA – it was an excellent morning on the radio.  I will say something which is bad, I don’t bother with Europe so much now, I am working Australia, New Zealand, Japan etc etc instead because the Quasar allows me to hear and work them on a regular basis – something which a vertical would not normally be capapable of :)
Regards, Nick  2E0POS

Vortex would like to thank Nick Parker (M6NAR/2E0POS) for supplying an original ‘Sigma 4’ during the prototyping period of the Q82. Pricing reflects that each antenna is hand-built and tested. We trust that you will understand when comparing it against other products.

  Vortex Quasar Q82 (0.82 wavelength vertical) – Specifications:

Mounting Plate (included): 125mm x 1/4th (6.35mm) wall 6082-T6 aluminium
Mounting U-Bolts: M10 x 2.5 inch diameter 304 A2 stainless (Will fit 50mm-63.5mm pole)
Mounting Saddles: 304 A2 Stainless for 50-63.5mm pole
Antenna Base: 50.8 x 50.8 x 6.35mm – 6082-T6 aluminium box
Vertical Basket Mounts (x4): 6082-T6 Aluminium channel 2 inch x 1.5 inch x 3/16ths
Basket Radials: 16 and 12.7mm 6082-T6 tubes  x 4
Gamma Tube: 6082-T6 16mm tube
Gamma Dielectric: Polyflon Technologies (UK) PTFE Tubing 12mm OD x 9mm ID
Gamma Rating: 5kw (conservative)
Antenna Rating: 2kw using SO239 or 3.5kw using Amphenol ‘N’ sockets. Full 5kw using 7/16ths hardware
Basket Height (1/4 wave length): 272cms
Basket Circle Fasteners: 4030PA Stauff Clamps (x2) with A2 M10 hardware.
Basket Support: Nylon 66 bar
Basket Ring Material: Aluminium flat bar 25mm x 1/16th (x4)
Basket Ring Outer Clamps: Stauff 212AL Aluminium (x4)
Antenna Height: 860cms (for resonance at approx 27.500Mhz) – Center freq easily adjustable
Basket Loop Length: 248cms
Vertical Radiator Stock: 6 sections of 6082-T6/AA6082-T6 tubes (Base tube 38.1mm x 3.25mm)
Weight: 14kg (including mounting)
CST model gain figure: Typical 3dbi over a dipole
Angle of radiation: 3dbi up on a dipole at 0 degrees
Bandwidth (2 to 1 SWR): 1.8Mhz (11m), 1.9Mhz (10m)
Wind Rating: Not yet tested, but estimated 100mph conservative