New From 2016 – Vortex 10/11m ‘Quasar Q64 MKII’ .64 Wavelength Vertical Antenna



New From 2016 - Vortex 10/11m 'Quasar Q64 MKII' .64 Wavelength Vertical Antenna

Vortex 10/11m 'Quasar Q64 Mark 2'
.64 Wavelength Vertical Antenna

£330.00 — £370.00

Product Code – VOR_QUASAR_Q64_MKII

Vortex proudly announce our new ‘QUASAR Q64 MKII’ a revised range of highly efficient vertical .64 wavelength antennas. The Q64 MKII follows on from our original ‘Quasar Q64’ but with a totally re-designed matching section. We found that many 5/8th antenna variants suffered a slight de-tuning when the weather changed to damp/wet conditions. Even our own original Q64 had the same issues on some installations – we needed to find a permanent solution so we looked at the problem from a different perspective.

Theory tells us that a 5/8th (or .64 wavelength) antenna does not match directly to 50 ohms hence the use of coils and the like. We know that a 3/4 (0.75) wavelength antenna matches well to 50 ohms (or close to it) so the idea was to put a small 1/8th wave loop which runs back on itself and does not radiate (or radiates very little). By doing this, electrically the antenna now looks like a ‘3/4 wave’ but performs like a .64. Finally we needed to match the system directly to 50 ohms so we use a conventional ‘Hairpin Shunt’ which is spaced wide enough as to avoid big swings in impedance values.

During testing the unit behaved extremely well – not showing any of the ‘Large Impedance Swings’ when antennas are too critical. A test unit was installed in dry conditions and readings taken. The antenna was then left out in heavy rain and readings were taken whilst it was still raining. The readings had barely changed (the ‘Z’ moved from 50 to 48 and the reactance was still at ‘1’) demonstrating that the antenna was very happy and not at all ‘Critical’ – even in the rain.

This new version also eliminates the use of lossy coils. The antenna power handling is many kilowatts but is only limited by the feed connector. Potentially (if you wanted to) a user could connect a DIN 7/16th’s connector and run 5kw key-down with ease, or for even more power handling – hardwire it without a connector or use an EIA Connector  (Good for many KW’s)

Construction wise the ‘Quasar 64 MKII’ uses a full 0.64 wavelength radiator constructed of 6082-T6/AA6082-T6 Vortex aluminium stock, so you can be sure that you are guaranteed of the build quality that Vortex are now renowned for. We have been asked on many occasions if we could produce an omni-directional vertical antenna that would stand the test of time and of course be a top performer. The new Q64 MKII now joins our top of the range ‘Quasar Q82’ and replaces the previous Q64 vertical.

It’s well known that the weak point on some vertical antenna systems is where the ground-plane section separates from the vertical radiator which is often a fibreglass section and left unsupported. Our Q64 uses twin back-to-back 15mm diameter solid Nylon 66 support brackets together with professional grade ‘Stauff’ clamps that securely support the lower half of the antenna and enabling a very high wind survival factor. Our test version easily withstood 80mph winds here in the UK. Although not officially tested, we conservatively estimate a survival factor of well over 100mph. Coupled with the use of professional grade components and sturdy hardware, this antenna is built to withstand extreme environments and as you can now see is mainly unaffected by the weather.

Vortex Quasar Q64 MKII – Key Points

● .64 Wavelength – Full length radiator
● Low take-off angle (Varies depending on installed height) – ideal for ‘DX’ and long distance ground-wave contacts
● High performance coupled with a wide bandwidth of around 1.7MHz
● No ‘High-Loss’ components such as loading coils
● 0.125 wavelength non-radiating loop and hairpin shunt match – to match 50 ohms perfectly
● Vortex build quality – 6082-T6/AA6082-T6 construction grade stock (15% stronger than even the US Aircraft stock)
● All 304/316 (A2 and A4) stainless steel fittings
● Tunable throughout the 10 or 11m band for a resonance of your choice
● DC Grounded – Less static build up, lower noise and also additional lightning protection
● Optional ‘3.5kw or 5kw QRO – High Power Rating’ versions – Only limited by coax and socket
● 6mm Multi-stranded Copper Feed Wire – will handle 10kw
● Radials constructed from 4 sections of 6082-T6 tubing with box section support – virtually NO SAG!
● Vertical element support brace made from Stauff Clamps, M10 stainless hardware and 15mm Nylon66 support bars – antenna rated at 100mph++.
● All our systems are ‘Hand-Built’ and individually set up. Your antenna gets the ‘One-on-One’ treatment with that extra TLC :)
● High Power versions have Teflon ‘N’-Type/DIN professional RF connectors manufactured by Rosenberger or Amphenol.

All Vortex ‘Quasar 64 MKII’ antenna systems INCLUDE a full stainless steel mounting kit, and a 5 inch by 1/4 x 3/8ths inch 6082-T6 aluminium channel base which enables you to mount the antenna to a 2.5 inch mast or scaffold pole.

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  Quasar Q64MKII High Performance Vertical 10/11m

Band(s):  10m/11m (Tuneable from 26-29Mhz)
Element Material:  6082-T6/*AA6082-T6
Boom Material:  6082-T6 box section aluminium
Antenna Height:  7.03m@27.500MHz, 7.14m@27.000MHz,6.76m@28.450MHz
Gain:   3dbi
Feed Wire:   4AWG – Rated at 10kw
Feed:   Coax via SO239 socket (other options available)
Matching:   Vortex 0.125 wave non-radiating loop and Hairpin shunt
Rating:   3.5kw
Radials:   4 x 1/4 wave using telescopic 6086-T6 tubes
Bandwidth 2:1 SWR:   Approx 1.7MHz
Element Clamps:   Stauff (Germany) – HD and Standard Mix
Mounting Plate:   125mm 6082-T6 Aluminium Channel
Antenna Weight:   7kg
Hardware:   304/316 stainless steel