Vortex Super J-Pole Antenna VHF 50Mhz (6m band) – As used at GB3HF Repeater



Vortex Super J-Pole Antenna VHF 50Mhz (6m band) - As used at GB3HF Repeater

Vortex Super J-Pole Antenna VHF 50Mhz (6m band) - As used at GB3HF Repeater

£250.00 — £355.00

Product Code – 50-SUPERJPOLE

A Super J-Pole Antenna for the *50-54Mhz (6m) Amateur band.
The Vortex ‘Super J-Pole’ Antenna consists of a five eighth wave vertical radiator, a half wave tuning section and a half wave top section. At the base, a quarter wave matching stub forms the classic ‘J Shape’.The addition of an extra half wave boosts the gain over a Standard J-Pole. The Super J-Pole has an added advantage that tuning can be varied over a fairly wide frequency range by moving the feed-point location up or down. This also gives the user finer control over the impedance and match.

The Vortex Super J-pole also includes a quarter-wave length of 75 ohm Webro WF100 coax which acts as an impedance transformer making a match to 50 ohms extremly easy. The antenna is end fed and has an omni-directional radiation pattern and requires no ground plane or radials. From our modelling we can also observe that the antenna has a nice low angle of radiation, typically 8 degrees when mounted at 6m in height. This angle reduces further the higher the antenna is mounted. A typical installation with the antenna at 10 meters above ground sees the angle reduce to 5 degrees and the gain increases to 7.29dbi when ground reflections are added.

J-Poles should include a 1 to 1 ‘Choke Balun’ close to the feed-point, which prevents feed-line radiation. A simple and cost effective solution is to wind a small length of coaxial cable around a former. Vortex can also supply this if required in commercial grade ®Westflex 103 Coaxial Cable .
A Vortex Antenna Systems premium ‘Ferrite Core 3kw Choke Balun’ (Sealed to IP67 rating) is also available as an optional extra.

No Knowledge of Antennas? Our 50Mhz antenna is pre-tuned from the factory and all set-up measurements are included. However the system is fully adjustable should the user require to finely tune the system for their own requirements. We include a full set-up instruction sheet with each antenna.

All Vortex Antenna Systems Super J-Poles use heavy duty components and hardware including M10 stainless hardware, heavy duty Stauff polyamide and aluminium clamps as also used in our lower frequency base antennas. The main element section of this antenna is 5 sections of genuine VORTEX 6082-T6  or **AA6082-T6  Aluminium each section telescoping into its counterpart. We use 16mm tube for the adjacent matching section.

The half-wave matching system has been redesigned. Gone is the ‘Mastrant’ guying support. We now use aluminium ‘Stauff’ clamps together with a length of 6.35mm aluminium tube to create the 1/2 wave matching section. The ‘Stauff’ clamps ensure a sturdy fitting without the need for additional support (See the enclosed images on this page). We have also included a two-section support unit using 2 x 10mm aluminium bars and heavy duty ‘Stauff’ clamps to reduce any flexing around the fibreglass spacer section at the base.

The antenna shown is the new updated model from 2017 onwards (4m version shown for illustrative purposes showing construction details). The 6m version of course will be slightly taller with longer 1/2 wave matching rods.

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  Vortex Super J-Pole Antenna VHF 50Mhz (6m band)

Band(s):  6m (50Mhz)
Element Material:  6082-T6/*AA6082-T6
Bandwidth (2:1) SWR:  1.5MHz
Gain:   Freespace 4.15dbi. Typical over 6.1dbi when mounted 6m above ground
Feed:   Webro WF100 mounted directly to aluminium ‘Stauff’ clamps on the element tubes
Matching:   Webro WF-100 75 ohm quarter wave coaxial matching section (included)
Rating:   2kw (Higher rating on request)
Element Clamps:   Stauff (Germany) – heavy duty polyamide series
Antenna Weight:   5kg
Hardware:   304/316 stainless steel
Antenna Height:   6.75m
*If available