4 x Quarter-wave 40m Vertical Antennas –
With individual tilt-over mountings



4 x Quarter-wave 40m Vertical Antennas -
With individual tilt-over mountings

4 x Quarter-wave 40m Vertical Antennas -
With individual tilt-over mountings


Brand new range for 2018.
Vortex are happy to announce our new range of vertical antennas.
Here we have all the hardware to get you going with a brand-new 4 square on 40m using 4 quarter-wave length radiators.
All you need is the phasing box and plenty of ground radials!
Each antenna is a full size quarter-wave and comes with 6 telescoping sections (38.1mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, 16mm and 12.7mm) of 6082-T6 or *AA6082-T6 aluminium tubing.

There is plenty of overlap on each section so tuning can be accomplished either at the low or high end of the band.

Tilt Over Mount
Each antenna includes a super heavy duty tilt-over mount.
Mounting is based around a section of 5 inch (127mm) channel stock x 1/4 (6.35mm) x 3/8ths (9.5mm).

The channel forms the support for the ground mounted tube which includes 2 x heavy duty M10 U-Bolts and stainless saddle clamps to fit a 2.5 inch (63.5mm) tube.
There is a large M8 bolt which forms the ground-bus to connect radials or a ground plane too.

The main radiator support is based around a 35cms x 3/8th inch (9.5mm) flat aluminium bar also in 6082-T6 construction grade material.
Using an extra heavy duty 6mm plated hinge at the base, the user can tilt the radiator element over with ease for any maintenance work.

The radiator plate is supported against the ground mounting by using two sections of 6.35mm x 2inch (50.8mm) 6082-T6 channel.
To compliment the system, we include 4 heavy duty Group 5 Stauff polyamide clamps which holds the main radiator solid.

An SO239 socket with a 6mm high-power copper link wire to the base of the radiator completes the line-up.

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  4 x Quarter-wave 40m Vertical Antennas – With tilt over mountings

Band(s):  40m (7Mhz)

Antennas:  4 x Quarter-wave length radiators

Ground mounting plate:  5 inch (12.7cms) x 6.35mm x 9.5mm channel 6082-T6 aluminium

Radiator mounting plate:  5 inch (12.7cms) x 9.5mm plate/bar 6082-T6 aluminium

Element Material:  6082-T6/*AA6082-T6

**Hinges:  Heavy duty double plated 2x3mm steel with 4 x M6 mounting holes

Hardware:  304/316 A2/A4 stainless

Mounting Kit: 4 x Super Heavy Duty tilt mounts

Feed:  Coax via SO239 socket (other feed connectors available on request)

Element Clamps:  Stauff (Germany) – 4 x heavy duty polyamide series – Group 5 per plate

SO239 to Antenna Feed:  6mm 762 Strand Oxygen Free Multi-stranded Copper

*If available
** Hinge should be protected from the weather with an anti-corrosion spray
(We are currently looking to use a stainless alternative)