Vortex Antenna Systems 1 to 1 Ratio Lowband ‘Chunky Choke’ Balun (160m, 80m and 60m)



Vortex Antenna Systems 1 to 1 Ratio Lowband 'Chunky Choke' Balun (160m, 80m and 60m)

Vortex Antenna Systems 1 to 1 Ratio Lowband 'Chunky Choke' Balun (160m, 80m and 60m)



A hand wound and constructed very high efficiency 1:1 Choke Balun based on the tested designs of  Dr. Jerry Sevick W2FMI. Sometimes called a ‘Choke Balun’ or Common Mode Choke’, this 1:1 ratio current balun can be used to prevent feed-line radiation. This model features 2 stacked premium ‘Type 31 Cores’ to maximise the choking impedance on the 160, 80 and 60m bands so this unit can be used to combat the most stubborn RFI problems.

Constructed using only premium parts (Mainly from the USA) this balun uses *RG303/RG142/RG400 MIL-17 Spec Silver Coated Coax and will handle power levels up to 5kw. Uses include at the feed-point of a YAGI antenna to prevent feeder radiation and to de-couple the feed-line of vertical antennas, preventing the vertical radiator using your coax feeder as a radial and as an RF choke. The choice of ferrite materials ensure maximum choking impedance in the frequency range of 1-6MHz.

See info below for mechanical and electrical details

  Vortex Antennas 1 to 1 Ratio Chunky Choke Balun

Balun Ratio:  1 to 1 (No impedance transformation)
Enclosure:  Fibox Polycarbonate to IP67 Rating
Coax:  *RG303/RG142/RG400 MIL-17 Spec, Silver Coated Braid and Center Conductor. Solid Teflon Dielectric (USA)
Coax Rating:  Typical 8kw at 3.5Mhz
Ferrite Cores:  Fair rite Type 31 cores (USA) x 2 Stacked
Connector (In):  SO239 – Silver Plated, PTFE inulated
Connector (Out):  SO239 – Silver Plated, PTFE insulated or Stainless Steel M6 Hex Head Bolts (User Selectable)
Frequency Coverage:  1-6MHz
Power Handling:  5kw

* Stock dependant (RF characteristics of all three cables are nearly identical)