Vortex Quasar Q82 MK2 – 10/11/12m Vertical Antenna – ‘When Compromise is NOT an Option!

Vortex Quasar Q82 MK2 - 10/11/12m Vertical Antenna - 'When Compromise is NOT an Option!

Vortex Quasar Q82 MK2 - 10/11/12m Vertical Antenna

£395.00 — £415.00


At Vortex we strive to raise the bar for the discerning operator. In the Spring of 2017, we’ve remodelled our winning 10/11m Q82 vertical. When the exercise was completed – this is what we found and in the Autumn of 2017 we replaced the original Q82 with our new Mark 2 version listed here.

The first Mark 2 prototype was delivered to Dave (M0OGY) in June 2017 and put through its paces over a 4 month period.

Dave is a well respected reviewer of 11m hardware so we know the unit is good hands and we will receive a faithful and honest review. The two main new features of the Mark 2 Q82 is that the gain has been increased from by 32% from 4.41dbi to 5.82dbi.

This is achieved by reducing the amount of unwanted gain in the secondary lobe. The radials are now longer at 3/8th’s of a wavelength which gives the whole system a massive boost in bandwidth. The increase see’s the bandwidth increase by 143% from 1.8 to 4.37MHz. Setting the resonance around 26.800/27.000 Mhz area gives full 12 and 11m coverage and up to 29MHz on 10m.

Since the prototype we have also decided to retro-fit Stauff Group 6 Aluminium Billet Clamps as standard which enables buyers to fit the antenna to a variety of tube sizes (see the drop-down menu for current availability). Using these clamps removes the need for U-Bolts and Saddle clamps and is a much sturdier solution.

Also highlighted was an unintentional change introduced by utilising much longer radials. We failed to see that the radial support bar was now far too high. Subsequently we have introduced some minor changes which see’s the support bar now re-aligned to the 30mm tube (where it was originally intended to be in the first place).

We have also increased the lengths of the main 38mm and 30mm tubes making the lower section more robust and introduced a secondary Lower Support Bar as a ‘Belt n Braces’ approach reducing radial flexing to a minimum.

On testing the whole array is now much more happier under extreme weather conditions.

Here is the background about the antenna.

 Reference Antenna Comparisons

Antron 99

We have no credible figures to use as the gain figures by the manufacturer (9.9dbi) are so at odds with any modelling we’ve ever done. We estimate given the very poor matching system and high losses in the thin-wire coil that the antenna at best offers a gain of around 1.5-1.8dbi. A full size dipole (at 2.15dbi) will most likely out-perform it.

Standard 5/8th wave vertical – non-loaded full length radiator with 4 x full ¼ wave ground radials.

Figures based on antenna mounted at 10m above an average to good ground
Main Radiation Lobe – (Lower is better): 9 degrees
Secondary Radiation Lobe: 47 degrees
Main Radiation Lobe Gain (Higher is better): 3.45dbi
Secondary Radiation High-Angle Lobe: 1.76dbi
Bandwidth – approx 1 MHz

Vortex Q82 – Original Version (Mark I) 2 bands – 10m and 11m

Figures based on antenna mounted at 10m above an average to good ground
Main Radiation Lobe – (Lower is better): 8 degrees
Secondary Radiation Lobe: 40 degrees
Main Radiation Lobe Gain (Higher is better): 4.41dbi
Secondary Radiation High-Angle Lobe Gain: 3.41dbi
Bandwidth – approx 1.8 Mhz

  Vortex Q82 – 2017 Version (Mark II) – 3 bands – 10m, 11m and 12m

Figures based on antenna mounted at 10m above an average to good ground
Main Radiation Lobe – (Lower is better): 7.5 degrees
Secondary Radiation Lobe: 47 degrees
Main Radiation Lobe Gain (Higher is better): 5.82dbi
Secondary Radiation High-Angle Lobe Gain: 0.21dbi
Bandwidth – A massive increase of 143% to 4.37MHz
Antenna will now cover 12, 11 and 10m (Up to 28.600Mhz) of under 1.8:1 SWR when the resonant point is set to 26.800MHz although antenna is primarily designed for 10 and 11m.
Antenna height decreases slightly compared to original version

  Vortex Quasar Q82MK2 (0.82 wavelength vertical) – Specifications:

Mounting Plate (included): 6082-T6 aluminium 6 inch channel
Mounting Clamps: Stauff Group 6 (user can choose either 48.3mm, 50.8mm or 63.5mm) clamps
Antenna Base: 50.8 x 50.8 x 6.35mm – 6082-T6 aluminium box
Vertical Basket Mounts (x4): 6082-T6 Aluminium channel 2 inch x 1.5 inch x 3/16ths
Basket Radials: 20, 16 and 12.7mm 6082-T6 tubes  x 4
Gamma Tube: 6082-T6 16mm tube
Gamma Dielectric: Polyflon Technologies (UK) PTFE Tubing 12mm OD x 9mm ID
Gamma Rating: 5kw (conservative). Up to 50kw available on request
Antenna Rating: 2kw using SO239 or 3.5kw using Amphenol ‘N’ sockets. Full 5kw using 7/16ths hardware
Basket Height (3/8 wave length): 415cms
Basket Circle Fasteners: 4030PA Stauff Clamps (x4) with A2 M10 hardware.
Basket Support Bars: 15mm Nylon 6 bar for both upper and lower support
Basket Ring Material: Aluminium flat bar 25mm x 1/16th (x4)
Basket Ring Outer Clamps: Stauff 212AL Aluminium (x4)
Antenna Height: 834cms (for resonance at approx 27.500Mhz) – Center freq easily adjustable
Basket Loop Length: 240cms
Vertical Radiator Stock: 6 sections of 6082-T6/AA6082-T6 tubes (Base tube 38.1mm x 3.25mm)
Weight: 17kg (including mounting)
Gain: 5.82dbi
Angle of radiation: 8 degrees
Bandwidth (2 to 1 SWR): 4.37MHz
Wind Rating: Not yet tested, but estimated 100mph conservative

* Basket loop nylon supports are now in a single sections which makes the loops more uniform

 Vortex Q82 MKII – Reviews by M0OGY – Dave

See Dave (M0OGY) Youtube video’s below:

VORTEX QUASAR Q82 MK2 – M0OGY Review – Part 1
VORTEX QUASAR Q82 MK2 – M0OGY Review – Part 2
VORTEX QUASAR Q82 MK2 – M0OGY Review – Part 3

See the Youtube on-air video below – just under 3 watts output on FM and S9/+20db over a 20 mile path

VORTEX QUASAR Q82 MK2 – M0OGY Review – Part 4 (On air tests)
Vortex would like to thank Dave (M0OGY) for the continued reviews and support.

 Vortex Q82 MKII – NEW 2018 Review by SM7ZDR – Gary

Click here to read Gary’s review as he puts the Q82 MKII up against Mr Coily’s ‘Excalibur 64’

Below is Gary testing the Q82 MKII at nearly 2.2kw
Vortex Q82 MKII at 2.2kw

 Vortex Q82 MKII – User Comments

We are happy to share with you some of the comments buyers have said about the Q82 MKII. We understand that the antenna is not cheap, but we’ve not compromised on anything in building it, so a few words from buyers may help you in making your decision about choosing a new Q82 MKII.

From Bryne in Eugene (Oregan – USA)
Hello Steve,
A very Merry Christmas to you!
Thanks for all your help. By the way, I’m blown away by the Vortex’s performance at just 3 feet off of the ground.
I made a contact on an old TRC-457 from Eugene, Oregon to Sweet Home, Oregon with 4.5 watts. That’s about 40 miles with a ground mounted antenna over hilly terrain, surrounded by houses in a suburban neighbourhood. Not bad & I’m not even fully tuned up yet. Amazing.

From Dave M0OGY in the UK –
Hello Mate,
Well the bands are crap (still) but check this out …..UKFM today, barely 3 watts and 15-20 miles with a 5/9 + 20 signal.
It was Dave at the other side of Howden who I believe was using a MK1 Q82.
So all’s good and more to follow.
73 – Dave OGY

From John Dawson in the UK –
Hi Steve,
I never write testimonials but in this case I make a well deserved exception. The Vortex Q82 Mark 2 is truly deserving of a mention.
I was using an Antron 99 and was really sceptical about spending big money on a verticle. Build quality is outstanding (it will outlast me and I’ve a few years left yet I hope!). On the air it just slaughtered my A99. A contact over 15 miles was S6 on the A99 but 5/9+5db on the Q82. A chap over 50 miles away was not readable on the A99 but S3 on the Q82.
Also the A99 is 15 feet higher up. Just brilliant and built in Britain the old fashioned way! – Good luck – John in Sussex.

From Larry in the US –
Hi Steve My Q82 has survived many tropical storms and two hurricanes. It is mounted 1 meter above a 6 element Maco. ( which has been up since 2002 and needs to be replaced with a Vortex :). The base of the Q82 is 13 meters above ground and I constantly have worked locally more than 100 miles on am and 125 on ssb. It out performs all my locals ground planes and 3 and 4 element beams.Thanks for the hours of enjoyment with the Q82. respectfully Larry